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CSI Estimation provides construction estimating services all over the USA. Our reliable estimation services ensure that contractors always have a solution on their hands. We provide above-par accuracy, and you never lose money with us.

Residential Estimating Services

CSI Estimation offers a distinctive chance to formulate winning bids for residential projects.

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Commercial Estimating Services

CSI Estimation ensures effective project management and peace of mind for commercial endeavors.

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Multi-Family Estimating Services

CSI Estimation aids in reducing costs for your multifamily housing project efficiently.

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Civil Estimating

CSI Estimation furnishes an estimate report detailing the overall incurred costs comprehensively.

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How We Work

Step 1:

Submit Your Project

You can send your project plans to in PDF format, or use Dropbox or we-transfer for large files.

Step 2:

Get A Quote

We'll provide a detailed quote based on project size, complexity, difficulty, and bid date. Each project is assessed individually.

Step 3:

Confirm and Pay:

If you agree on that quote, we'll send an invoice for the initial half deposit. Once paid, we start working on your project.

Step 4:

Receive Your Project

We complete your bid and send it to you digitally, providing a comprehensive overview of the estimated costs for your project.

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If, you are a contractor who has just lost money from a bid, then contact us. We can guarantee that in the future, we will help you generate revenue instead of losing money

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Numerous clients have shared their positive feedback when using our estimation services

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I recently used the services of CSI Estimation, and I am thoroughly impressed.

Robert Smith

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I recently hired CSI Estimation for a construction project and could be happier with their services!

Patricia Wilson

Construction Estimating Services